Sourcing.  Scouting.  Searching…

The OASIS Gift Show empowers buyers with a flexible environment that is full of options and opportunity.

Driven and Directed by the Exhibitors Themselves!

The Organization of Associated Salespeople in the Southwest (OASIS) is a member-based association comprised of artists, importers, and manufacturers that has been producing wholesale gift shows since 1976!  While other shows are owned and operated by big corporate conglomerates, OASIS remains driven and directed by a volunteer Board of Directors and the members of OASIS!
OASIS offers two shows a year in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, with it’s world class resorts, golf courses, and more!
Buyer Registration:
Access to OASIS Gift Shows is limited to qualified wholesale buyers, retailers, and interior designers.  Registration is free and easy, online or by phone.  For more information, click here.
Buyer Incentives:
OASIS shows offer a variety of Buyer Incentives, such as:
  • FREE coffee in the morning *
  • FREE OA$I$ Buck$, which can be spent on the show floor, just like cash, OR
  • FREE Gifts *
  • Free Freight on the Final Day *
  • Show Specials *
 * Some restrictions or limitations may apply/while supplies last/at participating exhibitors only.  See Official Buyers Guide for details.
Buying at OASIS provides: 
  • Opportunities to find new products and merchandising ideas
  • The ability to nurture vendor relationships
  • Sidelines that appeal to the senses and the creative mind, providing the opportunity to see, touch, and feel products
  • Smart shopping by comparing product, price, and quality to get exactly what your customers want
  • The fastest and easiest way to spot upcoming trends
  • Flexible environment, perfect for business meetings
  • An opportunity to share your business experiences, exposures, and successes with others

Questions?  We can help!

Contact us at information@oasis.org for personalized assistance with selecting the right show for you, and locating lines, representatives, or business resources.

Don’t miss out!  Join us October 10 – 11, 2018!